At Taylor Chiropractic & Wellness, our expertise is in finding and correcting the root cause of your symptoms. Our focused, hands-on approach aims at giving you immediate relief. We are dedicated to providing every patient with quality service that best leads to reduce pain, restore functionality and postural imbalances, and improve overall health and wellness.

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Full Suite of Integrative Services

Taylor Chiropractic and Wellness provides a full suite of integrative services under the care of Dr. Craig Taylor and Dr. Cliff Taylor. These services include: Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Rehabilitation, Corrective Traction Exercises, Postural Exercises, Pain Management, Digital X-rays, Kinesio-Taping, Seminars, Workshops and Nutritional Counseling.

We believe that integrating all of the mentioned services in conjunction with Chiropractic care is key to maximizing your body’s true potential performance. No spine is the same, so it’s important that every patient receives a comprehensive physical exam and x-rays (if needed) to determine a specific care plan that best fits your needs.

What Our clients Say

Client Testimonials

Christopher Randall

“I’ve been twice to see Dr. Craig. The office manager is always so knowledgeable and helpful and super friendly. Dr. Craig has been amazing. Even after only 2 treatments, I can definitely feel a difference in my body mechanics and how my range of motion has improved. I’ve been EXTREMELY satisfied with the treatment and the staff. 5 STARS!”

Ryanna Arola

“Highly recommend choosing this practice if you’re looking for the most knowledgeable and professional Chiropractors in Atlanta. The Taylor doctors are truly passionate about what they do and genuinely care about your well-being. Excellent customer service and friendly staff. I won’t go anywhere else!”

Gary Hirschman

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Taylor for over a year on a regular basis & his chiropractic care is excellent. He fully explains what he is doing & why. His massage therapist Alexandria is very intuitive & skilled. The office staff is courteous & efficient.”

Jonathon Tanner

“Absolutely the best Chiropractic office I’ve ever been too. Both Dr. Taylor’s do a fantastic job. You feel comfortable and welcomed. My pains/issues have been feeling better since going. I’ve referred 3 people already who are now regulars. Professional, clean & great at their work.”

Richie Han

“The brothers here are super kind and informative. They know their stuff and will answer any questions you may have. This was honestly my last chance I’d give at chiropractic Care because of previous bad experiences. I highly recommend them and will continue to be treated by them. Friendly, educated, and actually make a difference. 10/10 will go again.”

Katie Muller

“The Taylor doctors are friendly, welcoming, and professional. I work events that entail lots of travel, with 12-16 hour days back to back, and I always tell my friends that my first stop when I land is to see the Taylors to get adjusted. The office is clean and in a great location. I recommend the Taylor doctors to all my friends!”

Megan Fitzgerald

“Although I have moved away, every time I’m back in Atlanta I’m sure to book my appointment with the Taylor Doc’s! Craig and Cliff’s passion for their practice and the genuine care they show to their patients shows in everything they do. Highly recommend paying them a visit if you’re looking for first-rate chiropractic care.”

Kimberly Elston

“Taylor Chiropractic is great! The docs are great at what they do, and they’re super accommodating with making appointments. The office is nice and in a good location. Favorite part is getting to pet their dog, Bailey. She’s the sweetest, and so are they!”

Greg Lindsey

“Very professional environment and extremely knowledgeable Doctors. Dr. Taylor has been treating me for three months now, very pleased with the quality of care and how easy it is to work with theses guys. I highly recommend this practice for all your wellness needs.”

Rodrigo Rodrigues

“Great place and experienced group. The Taylor brothers are incredibly patient and helpful. Would certainly recommend a visit if you have been in any accident, long standing problems, or just looking for a quick alignment.”