Dr. Craig Taylor

Dr. Craig Taylor is the co-founder and co-owner of Taylor Chiropractic & Wellness, whose focus is to provide patient-centered care using a variety of integrative treatments. His Bachelor of Science was earned in Biological Sciences at the University of Georgia and became a Doctor of Chiropractic at Life University. He is certified in a wide range of Chiropractic techniques as well as physiotherapy exercises and modalities.

His expertise is not only helping to relieve discomfort, but also finding the actual cause of the pain. He believes that detecting the origin of where the pain is coming from will remove the source of what's causing the discomfort. He uses a variety of highly scientific researched chiropractic techniques to help improve spinal biomechanics, reduce nervous system interference and improve overall health.

Growing up in a medical family, he always envisioned himself going to medical school. In college, he experienced a lacrosse injury, which lead to two herniated discs in his mid-back. After months of seeing several medical doctors and physical therapists with minimal long-term pain relief, he finally sought out to find a chiropractor. Within a month, his mid-back pain began to drastically diminish and has been under control ever since. He feels fortunate to have gone through this type of experience, as he feels he can help others with similar injuries and symptoms.

Being an Atlanta native, he is excited to give back to the community that has treated him so well. On his spare time, he enjoys playing and supporting the local sports teams and athletes. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, taking his dog Bailey (Queen B) to the park, weightlifting, water sports and living a healthy active lifestyle.


Dr. Cliff Taylor

Dr. Cliff Taylor is the co-founder and co-owner of Taylor Chiropractic & Wellness, whose focus is on providing the best quality patient care using his vast knowledge in alternative healthcare. Also an Atlanta native, he graduated from Life University with a Doctorate degree in Chiropractic. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from The University of Georgia. Dr. Cliff possesses the most up to-date knowledge of chiropractic techniques, research, diagnosis, radiology, treatments and therapies.

Dr. Cliff had such a positive experience with Chiropractic as a child. It was the perfect fit for a career in adulthood. Growing up, Dr. Cliff constantly stayed very active in sports and weightlifting. This presented him with challenges, and caused him to suffer from chronic lower back pain, shoulder pain and general musculoskeletal pain for years. Seeking pain relief, he experimented with multiple medications, had rounds of steroid injections, all with little long-term relief, he knew there had to be better options. He decided to get another opinion and although skeptical, he was advised to see a chiropractor. For the first time, he began experiencing pain free days and knew from that moment on he wanted to share that same type of relief and knowledge with others. Due to Dr. Cliff’s own personal success story, he has a rare advantage over most chiropractors.

Dr. Cliff is excited to offer his unique skills to the wonderful community of his native town, Atlanta. His personal life experiences with the very symptoms he treats have made him a caring, compassionate and understanding health care practitioner. His ultimate goal is to educate his patients and help the world reach their health potentials. Dr. Cliff has dedicated his life to natural healthcare and wellness, a philosophy he passes along to all of his patients.

In his free time, Dr. Cliff enjoys the gym, snow skiing, family time, playing basketball and hanging out with his dog, Layla.

White Coat

Dr. Brittany Albritton

Founder and Owner of Rx PT

Brittany earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Emory University in 2015, and her Bachelors in Exercise Science from West Chester University in 2011.

She founded Rx PT in 2018 with the belief that everyone deserves to be in control of their health and have a voice in the direction of their care. She realizes that physical therapists spend more time with their patients than any other provider in the healthcare system and by simply listening, you can understand their needs. She knows by working together as a team, a customized treatment plan can be made to achieve your specific health and fitness goals.