Chiropractic is a profession with a wide variety of practice philosophies and techniques, which makes it difficult to select the right chiropractor. Here are a couple questions to ask yourself when choosing the right one for you:

  • Is the chiropractor friendly and courteous?
  • Does the doctor perform a thorough examination before giving a treatment?
  • Does the patient feel comfortable talking with the chiropractor?
  • Does the chiropractor take a thorough look at the body by use of X-rays and other special imaging?
  • Does the chiropractor offer stabilizing and corrective therapies to help restore your posture and hold the adjustments in place?
  • Does the chiropractor try and find the root cause of your pain?
  • Does the chiropractor claim to be able to “cure” various conditions such as diabetes and cancer? (red flag)
  • Does the chiropractor fully answer all questions asked by the patient?
  • Does the chiropractic doctor listen to the patient’s complete explanation of symptoms and treatment concerns/preferences?
  • Does the chiropractor have convenient hours to fit your work schedule?
  • Does the chiropractor use a variety of different techniques to fit your needs and preferences?

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