The back is one of the more complex parts of your body. It is composed of the spine, disks, tendons, muscles and ligaments, any of which can become injured or strained, resulting in back pain. Around 65 million Americans suffer from some form of back pain ranging from mild to severe. Lower back pain can have a number of causes including: sports injuries, improper lifting, arthritis, and sciatica.

There are many different symptoms of back pain including:

  • sore muscles
  • muscle weakness
  • dull and achy pain
  • stabbing/shooting pains
  • numbness/tingling in the feet
  • pain that extends down the legs


A chiropractic practitioner can help alleviate lower back pain by applying manual manipulation to the lumbar region, which improves overall functionality, increases range of motion in the spine, reduces nerve irritation and alleviates pain. This method is known as a chiropractic adjustment. The practitioner may also use the method of chiropractic mobilization; this helps to stretch and loosen the joints and muscles and improve mobilization. Not only will this eliminate the discomfort, but maintaining a course of chiropractic therapy after the initial intensive treatment, will help prevent the lower back pain from reoccurring.

Visiting a Chiropractor

On your first visit, your chiropractor will perform a series of diagnostic tests to evaluate your condition. Your chiropractor may offer other services in conjunction with spinal manipulative therapy, such as massage therapy, physical therapy, and rehabilitation therapy. Corrective exercises are another great health tool used by chiropractors, these can help to strengthen/retrain the surrounding supportive structures, restore balance and increase the effectiveness of your spinal adjustment.

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