Chiropractic biophysics is a chiropractic technique that was developed in 1980 by Drs. Deanne Harrison, Donald Harrison, and Daniel Murphy. It involves the application of physics and biophysics to chiropractic practice. The aim is to restore normal, healthy posture. This technique incorporates a number of different methods including:

  • rehabilitative exercises – designed to increase mobility
  • mirror image posture adjustments –designed to stretch and strengthen muscles
  • cervical extension traction – designed to realign the head and neck
  • manual manipulation – to adjust and correct the alignment of the spine

CBP targets the overall positioning of the spinal column rather than individual vertebrae.

What are the benefits of CBP?

The benefits of CBP are numerous and include:

  • realignment of posture
  • improved muscle reflexes
  • improved nerve reflexes
  • improved balance
  • improved head and neck alignment
  • pain relief

When do I need a Chiropractor?

You may need a chiropractor if you have back pain, an accident at work, or a personal injury. Chiropractic therapy can also help if you get dizzy spells, suffer from frequent headaches, or neck pain. It can also increase your balance and prevent falling. A chiropractic session can help patients with lumbar discs or chronic lower back pain. It can also help to improve your motor control, improve sensory issues, and reduce the risk of arthritis. This method of treatment is also considered suitable for children.

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